It was a wild and crazy night of fun for our maiden voyage of trivia at Boundary Bay Brewery. Several smart and savvy teams took part including Snack Time, the Swiss Wristwatches, Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem, PNW Trekkie, and Scuba Squad. 

In an unlikely turn of fate, we had two different teams with the same name: “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” so we had to differentiate into Epstein teams A and B. The rounds came fast and around the halfway point the one person team, “Leftover Halloween Decoration” was in the lead. 

But as the later rounds piled up, it was the two Epstein teams from opposite corners of the room that started to shine. Both teams were neck and neck with “The Laz’E’Boy Hecklers” into the final rounds. As the dust settled from Round Eight, the night’s final winner was Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself [B].

With plenty more questions and nights of trivia on the horizon, it’s anyone’s guess who will come out on top next. A big thanks to all who came out tonight and best wishes for the following weeks. Thanks again to Boundary Bay Brewing and their staff for a great night.

Epstein Didnt Kill Himself B68
The LazyBoy Hecklers62
Swiss Wristwatches51
Drinking Team With a trivia Prob;lem47
Leftover Halloween Decoration46
Snack Time43
Epstein Didnt Kill Himself A41
PNW TRekkie36
Scuba Squad33